Three of the most famous stations on the French TV guide

If you really want to learn more about the different kinds of French TV on offer, then this short article is for you.

Entertainment TV is the most versatile and wide-spread form of TV, with potentially the most networks dedicated to it around the world. France is like anywhere else and has lots of entertainment channels to choose from. There are so many French sitcoms and dramas offered on these channels but also English language series, that are either dubbed over or have subtitles. The most popular TV network in France is unsurprisingly on channel 1 which is directed by Gilles Pélisson; the network has a 24% market share, which is very notable. The network has a wonderful range of shows, ranging from kids’ programmes like animations, to hard hitting dramas; some of the biggest French TV shows were broadcast for the first time on this channel. As the network is the most watched, it also obtains a great amount of marketing and advertising financing.

Arguably the most influential form of television is news TV, without which much of the people would not be aware of the world’s news. Many individuals no longer read papers, so they use the radio or TV to access current affairs; this suggests the famous French news channels have some of the highest audiences out of all the networks. While part of the news on these channels might be celebrity news, most concentrate on French news and international affairs. One of the biggest news networks is partly owned by telecom businessman Patrick Drahi. After the creation of 24hr news channels, it has opened the door for news firms to establish their own channels where there is continual rolling news coverage, which allows for more advertising and wider audience.

France is one of the biggest countries in Europe, so obviously it will have plenty of television entertainment. Within the television sector there are numerous kinds, with TV sport being just about the most popular. French TV broadcasts many sports, like football, rugby, handball and athletics. Soccer has the highest demand in France, specifically in the north, where it is played the most. Rugby is a great deal more common in the south of the country, with the numerous coastal cities having the best teams. All these sporting events are available anywhere in the nation anyway, with the most popular sports channel and broadcaster part run by Vincent Bolloré. As this is perhaps one of the most renowned channels on the French TV guide, it has a large revenue supply, and marketing and advertising space on the channel is in high demand. The network is also on a subscription basis, so the income produced is not solely from the advertising presented to the network. Although, the sports lover is generally very dedicated, therefore will gladly pay a fee to be able to watch their favourite sport or club.

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